Frisco, Texas

Jadyn Bauss

Birthdate: July, 2001


Weight: 142lbs.

Height: 6‘

I am currently a junior at Reedy High School.  To share a little about myself, I am ranked in the top 5% of the students in my class of 504.  5.73/6.0 GPA.  I am considered an all around athlete by my coaches and peers and I plan on keeping up that role throughout high school and college.  Among other activities, like FCA and ASL, I was also selected by my teachers as a member of a club called LEAD (Randall High School), where I learned what principles a leader demonstrates and also had opportunities to display my leadership skills to others.  I feel leadership is essential for anything in life and I want to attend a college that will challenge me to become better both athletically and academically and where I can contribute as an asset to the team!   

In Her Own Words:

Class of 2019

Shoe size: 11

Number: 6  (2018)

                9  (2017)

              11  H.S.

Standing Reach

Block Touch

USAV Shuttle Run

Approach Touch

6.7 sec
7' 9"